Physical Therapy

The benefits of animal rehabilitation are numerous before and after orthopedic and neurological surgery as well as for conditioning, osteoarthritis and weight management. These benefits include a shorter recovery time, building or stabilization of lean muscle mass, protection of joints, and overall increased balance to help prevent further injuries. Canine Physical Rehabilitation of New Mexico (CPR of NM) offers a variety of therapeutic modalities and exercise regimens. The treatment is designed for the owner and pet to have “fun” and stay motivated while the animal is going through the recovery, training, or weight loss process.

Services offered

  • Underwater Treadmill: Using the properties of water, the animal’s muscles and cardiovascular system are strengthened without stressing the joints. The treadmill itself gets the dog moving and the speed time and water level can be adjusted.
  • Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation: This modality stimulates the muscles to involuntarily contract. It is particularly useful for neurological conditions that may not be functioning properly. It also enhances range of motion, muscle re-education and strength.
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound: Used to decrease pain, muscle spasm and stiffness while increasing blood flow and healing of tissue. This modality can be used for tendonitis, “pulled muscles” and joint contracture.
  • Therapeutic Exercise: A specialized in-clinic and in-home routine tailored for each animal. Some uses are balance boards, pilates balls, mats and steps for the animal to regain range of motion, strength and balance.
  • Low Level Laser: Safe and relives pain, this modality uses the power of light via photons to help healing during the early and late phases of inflammation such as in the acute stages of arthritis.
  • Laura Hady, DVM

    Certified in Canine Physical Therapy

    Dr. Laura Hady is a New Mexico native who graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor in Animal Science in 1991. She went straight to veterinary school and graduated from Colorado State University in 1995. Dr. Hady spent 8 years practicing general veterinary medicine and surgery. There she developed an interest for those animals with arthritis, disc disease, weight problems and orthopedic issues. Dr. Hady became certified in animal rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee in 2003. She has built her animal physical therapy practice by using positive motivation, and current treatment modalities to accomplish the goals in the recovery process. Dr. Hady is currently pursuing board certification through the American College of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation via the non traditional practice route.