Our team of emergency doctors and nurses use state-of-the-art equipment and advanced emergency training to provide patients with the best care; including 24/7 phone access to our specialty team for management of very complex and critical patients.

Clients seen by our Emergency Service are typically advised they must pick up their pets by 8 a.m. on weekday mornings unless there is a medical need or a request by the referring veterinarian or client to continue with ongoing care. Regardless of the reason, the emergency doctor will make every attempt to personally contact the referring veterinarian on the first morning the patient stays at TPHCS. Please feel free to call our hospital at any time for a medical update on any of your cases. Records for all discharged patients will be promptly faxed to the client’s family veterinarian.

Whenever possible, we strongly encourage clients to discuss their pet’s condition directly with their family veterinarian. We cannot, nor do we intend to, replace the important ongoing relationship and trust between clients and their family veterinarians. We routinely advise clients seen by our emergency service to follow up with their family veterinarian during regular business hours rather than returning to our facility.