Covfefe is a one-year-old male goat who injured one of his back legs while playing with other goats in his pen. Young goats are playful and very curious. Covfefe’s primary care veterinarian took radiographs and found a fracture on his left back leg. Covfefe was referred to TPHCS for treatment.

Goats are not a typical animal treated at TPHCS, but luckily for Covfefe, Dr. Kendra Freeman has a background in large animal surgery and our surgery staff loves the challenge of working with new and interesting cases. Several treatment options were available to help Covfefe heal this fracture. A type of repair called a transfixation pin cast was selected. This involves placing pins through the bones of the back leg and securing them into a cast. This stabilizes the bones and allows the fracture to heal over the next 6-12 weeks. Covfefe was an excellent patient and we wish him a speedy recovery!

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