Behavior Help for Pets
Jeff Nichol, DVM

Recent advancements in behavior research have enabled significant improvements in pets with serious problems. Dr. Jeff Nichol is residency trained by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. His evaluation includes identifying physical disorders that may be an influence on unhealthy behaviors.

Dog and cat behavior problems can improve:
•Aggression toward humans or other pets
•House soiling
•Destructive behavior
•Anxiety and fear
•Unruly behaviors: mouthing, nipping, jumping up, escaping, and excessive barking/yowling/crying
•Senior pets who house soil, become dull/confused/agitated, interact less, and sleep more
•Pacing, circling, sky gazing, chasing shadows, and eating non-food items including stool
•Licking, chewing, and self-inflicted wounds
•Fear of fireworks, thunderstorms, and hot air balloons

Behavior consultation services include:
•Pre-consultation review of a detailed pet owner questionnaire
•Two hour in-depth consultation with a thorough evaluation and physical exam of the dog or cat
•Full explanation of the causes and treatments of the problem
•Custom-tailored behavior modification plan
•Medications prescribed as-needed
•Detailed written instructions
•Full written report to the referring veterinarian
•Follow-up consultations as-needed

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