Behavior symptoms requiring veterinary care:

  • Aggression toward humans or other animals
  • House soiling
  • Destructive behavior
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Geriatric pets who house-soil, become dull/consumed/agitated, interact less, and sleep more
  • Pacing, circling, sky gazing, chasing shadows, and eating non-food items including stool
  • Licking, chewing, and self-inflicting wounds
  • Unruly behaviors: mouthing, nipping, jumping up, escaping, and excessive barking/yowling/crying
  • Noise phobias: fireworks, thunderstorms, and hot air balloons

Behavior consultation services include:

  • Pre-consultation review of a detailed per owner questionnaire
  • Two hour in-depth consultation and thorough evaluation of the pet
  • Full explanation of the behavioral diagnosis
  • Custom-tailored behavior modification plan
  • Medications prescribed as needed
  • Detailed written instructions
  • Full written report to the referring veterinarian
  • Follow-up consultations for pet and owner as needed